Wine Labels

I'm so excited to share this project that's been my baby since before I even considered moving back to be full time with the winery: the WINE LABELS! 


The creation of each label starts with a watercolor painting that I bring into my computer to edit into a digital file. Then, all of the label requirements are added and I apply for government approval for each design, which involved a lot of googling "how do I do this???" But it's been SO AWESOME to see it through from start to finish and to have labels that really represent who we are with paintings of our mountain vineyard, the tasting room, the falls, the sunflowers! Getting to bring something artistic to the table for the winery has been really cool, and I'm over the moon with how the labels have turned out and how well they've been received by customers. My heart swells when people remember the wine not only by the taste, but by the label artwork, too.