August Lock Screen

We are kind of crazy about pineapples in my household.

And honestly not so much because we like to eat them (preferably sprinkled with cinnamon or used as a vessel for fried rice)....but because they represent all things warm & bright, and most importantly, are a symbol of hospitality! 

Hospitality is really important. It's a little less "Southern Living Magazine" and a little more about an attitude of caring, of inviting, and providing for needs whether it's a table to eat at or a listening ear. Yes, it's opening the doors to your home, but more importantly the doors to your heart. Hospitality doesn't seek to benefit itself, but to reveal the love of Christ is a unique way. 

We glance down at our phone a lot. Statistically we see our lock screen an average of 150 times a day. I actually just made that statistic up but it's probably pretty valid, right?? So as you see that little pineapple I hope we are challenged to open our eyes to the needs around us, to be courageous to offer our time and effort, and to invite "outsiders" in.

Simply press and hold the image to save your new little pineapple to your phone, and as always, feel free to share it will all your friends!