Making Moves

I love to create. 

Painting, writing, and all things in between give me great joy and satisfaction, too. And I am not ashamed to feel that this is a God-given desire. But this has not always been something that I felt comfortable declaring.

Creating was a muscle that I had lots of opportunity to stretch growing up. My family encouraged me, my art teachers validated my work, and the confidence I gained from those people gave life to my creativity.

But things changed as I moved out on my own, and I found myself tucking the pursuit of art away. Many more things took precedence as college classes kicked my butt, making friends was now hard work, and this area that I had so much confidence in was stamped out by feeling like, as a "budding young adult", I should take interest in more "successful" things, because who builds a career in art, anyways?

Looking back, I feel that I really missed a lot of great chances. By not being brave enough to pursue the things that I loved, I ended up on half-hearted paths. By graduation, I had learned and grown so much from my education, but I knew full well that I wouldn't be pursing anything in my degree. 

Thankfully there are people in my life who so graciously draw me to encouragement and truth.

Like family, who remind me of what I love. Business-minded friends who help me put away insecurities and try things. Roommates who put my work on their Etsy site in our final days of college together, who helped me dream up creative ideas and proposing things I could be capable of. Then there was this crazy moment when people I had never met bought some of my prints. I was like, "Wait, people who aren't obligated to tell me my work is good (i.e. my mother) are telling me they like it, and better yet, paying money for it???"

I'm here, doing this, because I'm declaring in faith that the Lord can use my love of drawing lines and the thrill of brushing color onto paper. I'm trying to learn business and working my creative muscles because I don't want to be afraid of loving art. I want to embrace these desires of my heart and use them to glorify God, who placed them there. I praise God that my heart is growing in courage to fight against my insecurities and fight for heartfelt pursuits. I am so excited to finally make moves.