Hey there,

I'm Jessica, and I love painting.

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are my home, and the beauty of this special place inspires my work: the fog, the pines, the blue mountains and golden hay fields. Craggy rocks, mossy trees and full gardens. The slow pace and rest that people find here. To me, it's all an expression of God's love, grace, tenderness and glory.

The Bible reads in Song of Soloman, 
"His banner over me is love"

It's imagery that God proclaims his love over us, and from that we carve out our lives. I love that picture. And I love running with the idea that there could be literal banners - physical, visual artwork - reminding us of that love, and that idea is the driving force behind my work.

Another significant part of my life is the winery I run with my family. Wine culture is so fascinating and fun to grow into, and it's been such a joy running a business with the people I love most.

I would love to connect with you! I treasure meeting new people and hearing their stories. Drop me a line:

photo by  Colin Mukri